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Service and Training

It goes without saying that our solutions accompany you during the installation, commissioning and introduction of new modules or system parts, both locally and remotely. After the introduction of the new solution, experienced coaches will be at your disposal. With initial and follow-up training, they ensure that the systems can be used optimally by your employees.

Our Support

A major part of our consulting work is the support you receive after we have implemented a solution. Feel safe with us. Our service is available to you holistically or tailored to your needs.

The smooth operation of your processes using our systems is important to us. You can rely on our hotline, where you talk to employees who know your special system almost like you. We ensure that your operation continues in the event of disruptions, promptly and safely. Of course we do this for very critical systems 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, if you wish.

Service contracts

A monthly service agreement tailored to your individual needs regulates the desired scope of your support. Here, various services, training and desired standby times of the hotline are set. Of course, this service agreement can be adapted to your changing needs at any time.

Support Models:

Support Models: Various pre-defined service agreements with fixed prices.