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Are the possibilities of an ERP system or a simple standard system no longer sufficient for you? With LXone, we offer you a special solution that has been specially designed and matched to your needs on a large number of standard modules. In addition, these software modules will then be adapted exactly to your requirement profile and integrated into a homogeneous and integrated total solution in your existing system landscape. We also gladly support you beyond the support of the classic material flow.

No matter how complex and complex your processes are, our holistic, innovative solutions are able to significantly optimize your material flow.

The Graphical User Interface of LXone

LXone Browser Client

For the ideal support of the work processes we offer an effective and efficient operation guidance. We achieve this through constant research and constant exchange with the user. In order to respond optimally to the needs of our users, we are therefore constantly developing our system. From field studies and questionnaires, to expert evaluation, to the finished design. We create positive experiences for our users!

In order to always provide our users with the ideal end device for their particular needs, LXone is completely browser-based from PC via tablet to all types of mobile terminals, ie no installation on the end devices. All that is needed is a common Internet browser and (W) LAN with appropriate coverage.

LXone Browser Client

LXone Browser Client

The browser client is primarily designed for larger displays such as PC monitors or touch-monitors and is used in addition to the master data maintenance functions mostly for the planning and information functions you need.

LXone Mobile Client

LXone Mobile Client

With the Mobile Client, you can mobilize and synchronize the flow of material and the flow of information in the manual areas of your material flow almost in real time, using barcodes and scanners. The Mobile Client is the basis for dynamically controlling and monitoring your resources in real time. The Mobile Client also offers the possibility of integration with other systems such as your ERP system independently, thus offering a physical execution level below the ERP system.

LXone Mobile Client

Hands free to work, LXone always on your finger tips

Especially with picking activities but of course also in all other material flow handling tasks, it is sometimes more efficient if you are not travelling around with a mobile device in your hand. If you want to work ideally with both hands you have to remove the mobile device, if it is not firmly attached to a cart or forklift, and then pick it up again. For such applications, we offer both pure voice solutions and voice combined with a wrist-mounted mobile device for displaying additional information and scanning bar codes, e.g. for serial numbers and very up-to-date also smart glasses with voice that connect more pleasantly all communication possibilities. So, new areas of applications by the built-in camera open the opportunity of proof of packaging when packing into the shipping container or carton.


Stock control on Location Level

  • Transparency and security

  • Supports all warehouse organization forms

  • Storage units such as shelves, shelves, block storage, open spaces, flow shelves, channel or tray storage are flexibly and easily defined and managed

  • Map and manage the entire range of articles with different units of measure, weights and volumes

  • Item specific tracking of best before, batches and serial numbers

  • Management of stock reservations, quality status or customs features

  • Various inventory procedures, such as key date inventory, permanent inventory or zero-crossing inventory

Fully integrated with your ERP or inventory management system, the LXone receiving process is initiated. An intensive exchange of information connects the disposition with the operation in the receiving area.

  • Facilitation of data entry and identification processes can be simplified by advice data from the host

  • Inspection lots, sampling or test instructions facilitate quality management

  • Generation of storable units

  • Cross docking as an important goods receipt functionality

LXone finds the optimal storage location for your items, whether initial setup or ongoing operation, whether effectiveness criteria or bottlenecks in the storage capacity must be taken into account, or merging is prohibited or storage is desired. Storage is the central element in the storage process.

  • Identification of items by scanning i.e. EAN numbers

  • Determining the destination manually or via the assignment of destination location by LXone

  • Consideration of effectiveness criteria or bottlenecks in storage capacity

  • Support of various materials handling components

  • The assignment to a storage location results from variable strategies and remains configurable

Delivery requests in the form of orders can be manually recorded in LXone or transferred from the MRP system via an interface. Then it is effective and error-free at the right time to get the right goods from the right place.

  • Buffer and edit orders

  • Assignment of inventory and reservation taking into account FIFO, LIFO, FEFO / best before, blocking status and quantity dependencies

  • Support of one-, two- or multi-level picking systems

  • Picking with Mobile, Pick by Voice, augmented reality and RFID also for automatic storage and retrieval systems

  • Grouping pick positions and order picking containers

  • Route optimization and order merge

  • the flexible control of the replenishment for the picking stations

  • Easy-to-use confirmation dialogs, both stationary and mobile

LXone can generate suggestions for the most efficient way of packaging and make your subsequent supply chain efficient and transparent.

  • Determination of optimum weight and package sizes depending on shipping type

  • Packaging stations with scanners or RFID readers or even mobile devices with speech recognition

  • Management of staging areas and loading gates

  • Providing tracing information for interfaces to parcel services, freight forwarders and freight systems

The graphical, web-based control centers of LXone display all current data relevant to you, the way you need them. This means that impending bottlenecks can already be identified before they become critical problem cases.

  • Current logistics key performance indicators are visualized and permanently compared with your specifications

  • Notification by e-mail or SMS for particularly critical key figures

  • Multi client handling regarding to articles, storage bins, storage and removal orders and user access

  • Client based order taking front in order to avoid interfacing or in order to be able to start quickly while interfaces are built and implemented.

  • Consignment processing - Strict separation of different clients when accessing via the Web

  • Smooth returns processing including quality management

  • Traceability of repairs whereby the history can be accessed on the Web

  • Support of production-related services, such as packaging, display design, contract manufacturing

  • Order control center - accurate time and quantity execution of deliveries (fulfillment), e.g. for promotions

  • Merging of many individual orders to consignments and consolidation for transports

  • Billing of services performed for customers

Through controlled resource management, the use of all available capacities can be optimized. Often the forklift task assignment is optimized in this way.

  • Forklift control system takes into account not only resource profiles but also stored distances and special warehouse conditions

  • Optimum control of free-moving forklifts in high-bay warehouses

  • Any worker with a mobile device can be controlled

The entire material flow in production, such as the stock surrounding machines and the presentation of work progress as well as the acquisition of process data gives you complete transparency about your current production status and its progress.